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MMM 2- 2019
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Domestice violence awareness
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Welcome to VCDS!!

Dalits meaning “Oppressed” or “Broken”, who are also called as untouchables comprise 22.55% of Tamilnadu population. These dalit communities are socially excluded and vulnerable. The dalit people live in a distress condition where they are denied of education, basic facilities like clean drinking water, transportation and equal rights. The dalit people are only considered as a voting bank. They are politically controlled through caste politics and silence them with free schemes and money. The dalit people were denied of education, employment and recognition as equal as the other caste. They are considered as the outcaste and they have a struggle full life.

Today the dalit communities all over India are facing violence and threats for life and safety. Their living condition has faced lot of changes and development in the past years yet they are still out casted. VCDS is working with the women and children of dalit community through education empowerment, skill development and advocacy.