COVID Relief Activities

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India faced the first wave of COVID in March 2020 which led to the full lockdown of our country. This affected the daily life and the livelihood of the of the poor, marginalized people. Migrant workers were forced to move back to their homeland by foot which led to starvation and death. People suffered without food and struggled to fulfil their basic necessities. VCDS look into the situation and involved in relief activities for the families affected by COVID. VCDS was involved in three types of activities;

  1. Distribution of food kits(groceries)
  2. Awareness raising on COVID protection and precaution
  3. Distribution of protective materials to the frontline workers

Distribution of food kits:

VCDS is working in 60 villages, in five blocks of Villupuram district. The population are mostly Dalits who are daily laborer’s, migrants, and marginalized communities. COVID-19 drastically affected the livelihood and traumatized their lives. The national lockdown left many families in starvation, many ill people and disabled people were malnourished and prone to diseases. In order to help these families VCDS distributed food aid kits with 21 varieties of groceries and rice. Food aid kit was distributed to 3500 families in the last one year with the help and donations from our local & international friends and partners. 

Awareness raising on COVID protection and precaution:

VCDS along with its partner members involved in awareness raising on prevention and precaution from corona. Awareness programs involved street theatres, rallies, village level talks and video displaying. The program targeted physically challenged children, old and ill people, pregnant & lactating mothers etc. We worked along with INTACT-Trichy, ADECOME Network -Puducherry, IAG-Tamilnadu and SAM- Tamilnadu. 

Distribution of protective materials to the frontline workers:

VCDS and its volunteers involved in distribution of protective gears like masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, herbal medications and temperature machines to policemen, health workers, village level sanitary workers and volunteers involved in COVID preventive work.