Personality Development through the flok arts

VCDS aims at developing and enhancing the personality traits of the rural youths to modulate themselves and shine in this society.The rural youth & children don’t have the opportunity of exposure to the modern world or to the society which is evolving everyday. They hide themselves in a shell which protects themselves that leads to compromise or unable to grow their personality skills & abilities to equip themselves. We at VCDS use the folk arts & theater skills as a major tool to train the rural youth and children to give them a skill and letting them to know that they are capable of learning new skills and energize themselves to equip their personalities.

Our folk art training has opened up many rural children and they use their skill to educate to create awareness to the public on the social issues and have given the opportunity for many to travel outside their family and village for the first time in their life. So far VCDS has trained around 150 rural children and youth through these folk arts.