Responsible Tourism

Every visitor need to be responsible for his/her stay, the neighbourhood and the artisans of the places they are staying and visiting. VCDS receives international tourists, students and volunteers each year who comes here to stay and experience Indian socio-cultural life or to study the life of the rural people. The visitors stay in a very simple infrastructure and they are shown around cultural & touristic areas around our centre. And most importantly, they are taken to the nearby villages and they are shown the daily life of the rural people, the various jobs of these people, their schools, health care centers and the different social segregation arrangements of the society.

The visitors are taken to the weavers, pot makers, washer men, barbers, carpenters and gypsy families in the villages and they learn their life condition and struggles. The students and volunteers also involve in awareness raising among women & children on health & sanitation. The major aim of this responsible tourism is to let know the people how the globalization, privatization and influence of the global market affects the rural poor people and how they could change their way of life consumer behavior. So that they could stay responsible for their country artisans and artisans of the developing country.