Revival of traditional farming & organic agriculture

VCDS has its own farm at Vellakulam. This farm land is being used as a farmer’s field school anda production area of paddy, groundnuts, black gram, coconuts and vegetables. At this farm VCDS produce traditional and ethic paddy varities with the organic manure, pesticides, insecticides and organic catalyst produced at the farm land. The paddy/rice produced is used for the VCDS training purposes and the rest is sold & it is used for the farm growth.

Now, VCDS is constructing a poly house for vegetables & flower production. This poly house/Green house is being created as an alternative farming method to fight against the dust pollution caused by the stone crushers around the farm land. The producers of the green shed will be under the influence of organic/ semi organic agriculture, which will stand as an alternative for the local small scale farmers and as a working model based an effective alternative modern irrigation techniques.