Socio-Economic-Political-Cultural Training

VCDS along with Indian Social Institute-Bangalore is conducting six phase training for the rural youth to enlight & empower them on their political and socio-economic participation for the social change.Today`s youth prevent themselves from their political participation or keep away from political decision making process as it seems to be none of their business. But they have never failed to criticize today politics & their leaders who lack in bringing change for their community or people. The political involvement of the youth has become a big question and the audibility of the today`s politicians, leaders and the parties has become a big question and people are losing their trust on their leaders & their parties.

So, we at VCDS provide training on the history of the Indian society, colonization, politics before and after ndependence & educate them on the Indian Law & Construction and prepare them to question today`s political climate, government policies and people`s welfare schemes, etc. currently 25 cadres are undergoing this training & VCDS also engages other social organization in this training.