Water Management

Water, the enlixee of life, is now becoming scarce in the World. This is become of the intense climate change and global warming. The water resources are being encroached or destroyed in the name of development of the growth in the villages. In the  other hand the water resources are converted into farming lands which has resulted in reduction of the water holding surfaces in which in turn results In depletion of ground water table.The climate change has changed the monsoon pattern. It is delaying the monsoon or failure of the monsoon. The monsoon showers are heavy as the rain for 10 days are poured down in 2days which is a result in flooding. 

The water storage areas are being reduced which led to overflow of the water reservoirs in a short period. The poor protection, desilting and deepening of the water bodies has led to the poor water management procedure. VCDS deepens and desilts the village level water resources and strengthen their bonds with tree sapling plantation to protect the water bodies during the rainy season. VCDS manage the public water bodies which provide water for the people use such as the percolation pond, pits, water canals, reservoirs streams etc. VCDs has involved in the maintenance of more than 25 irrigation wells and 50 rural community water bodies in 60villages.